End of Holidays Got You Down?

Another holiday season has come and gone. All the gifts have been exchanged and all the leftovers have been eaten. All that remains are the Christmas lights to take down and the excess weight to shed (sigh).  But hopefully, we have more great holiday memories with loved ones to cherish. And before we know it, the 2020 holiday season will be here! 

For many, the end of the holidays can mean the start of the “blues season”. It’s similar to a holiday hangover, but more reminiscent of missing someone or something. Let’s face it, the holidays truly are a special time of year and come January everyone has to get right back in the swing of things. Even our home loses that magic touch of having decoration amazing'ness all through Halloween to Christmas. So what can we do? 

Here are my recommendations to cure the E.O.H.B. (End of Holiday Blues): 

  • Go someplace where you can have introspection. This can be your garden, a park, church, the mountains, or anywhere. Just make sure it is a peaceful location that allows you to think quietly.  For me, it’s the pier in Long Beach. A quick 30 minute visit gives me an opportunity to reflect on the past year and visually map out my plans for 2020.  Afterwards I feel a symbolic renewal of energy and excitement! 
  • Schedule things to look forward to on your calendar. Maybe one of your favorite bands is coming to town, or you’ve been wanting to plan a weekend getaway. But whatever it is you like to do, PLAN IT! Every January Dalena and I spend a weekend in Vegas with family. It’s on the calendar, and offers us another reason to celebrate the new year! 
  • Eat good food. This doesn’t mean go to a restaurant every night. It means enjoy what you eat. Obviously, most of us are being food conscious to start the year and making a concerted effort to be healthy. But that shouldn’t mean we’re miserable doing it. Eating good food means eating things that make us happy, even if they are healthier options. And hey! What harm is there in a little Friday pizza night to start the year…;) Not burnt, that's a charcoal crust. See...Healthy! 
  • Listen to music at home. This is the easiest thing to do. Music should not only be played during a party or a get together at your home. Our home is constantly filled with music, especially if I’m cooking dinner. In fact, my new favorite thing to do is listen to music on my phone while I’m washing up. When Dalena hears the sound of country music coming from the bathroom, she knows I’m brushing my teeth. 

With that said, the best thing to cure the E.O.H.B. is to remember that more good times are on the way! February has Valentines Day and the Super Bowl (major holiday people!). March and April will bring all the celebration of Spring and the start of longer days and sunshine. May and June...Filled with fun! July and August...BBQ’s! September….Football! And October….Oh, how I love you. 

You see. There’s plenty to be excited for after December, because the holidays never really end. 

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