Shark Week: "Bark Shark" Edition

It’s Sunday, and I’m already dreading my morning commute to the office. Thankfully the traffic has slightly lessened as kids continue to enjoy their Summer breaks. I think I’ve got another couple weeks before they’re back in school and car-magedon returns to normal.  But as another weekend rapidly winds down, I remember that today is no ordinary Sunday. For today, my friends, is the beginning of an annual Summer tradition known as…..SHARK WEEK! 

Summer would not be complete without a friendly reminder that as we flock to the beach, the palm tree paradise is ruled by the kings of the ocean. Shark Week is not only a TV staple in my house, it’s also the perfect watch party occasion. Dalena and I have a few guests coming over tonight to kick off the weeklong festivities, and I’ve got a couple shark themed surprises for them. 

Believe it or not, sharks actually roam around my backyard fairly often. Especially when we have guests and the smell of food is in the air.  However, these sharks are part of the K9 species known as Labrador Retriever and Pekingese. Our 2 year old son Campbell (Chocolate Lab shark), has become a master of stealth attacks and aerial strikes from depths below table level. I’ve lost countless handheld foods (thankfully no body parts)  not paying attention to his whereabouts. He moves swiftly, with the ferocity of a lion and the suddenness of a viper. No backyard plate of food is safe. No bowl of chips can hide. 

And then there’s this little, but fierce species. My sisters 4 year old pek' goes by the name of Kobe. And although he doesn’t look like a deadly predator, his piranha like teeth can nibble scraps like chum in the water. 

As we keep watch on these "bark sharks", the party will be set with some carnivorous appetizers and cold drinks. Getting things started are some chili lime chicharrones. This easy recipe consists of your favorite “crackling” pork rinds with a squeeze of fresh lime and a few dashes of Tapatio hot sauce. Served up in shark themed candy boxes will add to the festivities of the day! A couple chomps out these spicy and citrus pork rinds, along with a cold beer, will feel like a day on the beaches of Mexico. 

For a healthier and refreshing appetizer, I’ve made a simple fruit salad consisting of watermelon and pineapple. I added in some fresh lemon juice and Tajin seasoning to spice it up. Keeping in line with the theme I used some shark fin toothpicks to make this a fun and easy eat! But beware….Campbell is lurking.

The feeding frenzy is kicking into high gear, but the star of this feast is a wild salmon tostada. This dish was recently featured in Bon Appetite magazine and was created by Chef Daniela Soto-Innes. I thought it would be a perfect addition to the Shark Week party menu and give my guests a taste of the ocean during this summer evening. My variation of this recipe includes ricotta cheese with lemon zest, fresh wild sockeye salmon, sliced serrano peppers, cilantro, and a light green salsa. Add in a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad and dinner is served!

 (Original Recipe:

 The sun is starting to set on these shark infested waters and it's just about time to head inside for the first episode of the week. I've completely forgotten about the Monday morning commute during this night of family, food, and shark festivities. It's been a perfect end to the weekend. Can't wait for the next get together...


  • Fun read … I’m sure the salmon tostada is delic. I’ll be sure to give Miguel the recipe. :)

  • I love this piece. My husband Is a huge fan of Shark week. But you have taken it to another level…which is pretty cool! And the fur babies are like the cherry on top.

    Virgie M
  • Great story telling and thanks for the recipe!

    Sandra Esparza
  • How fun. Love it….

    Ana Valera

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