The Autumn Wind...

Hi there! Dalena here. You’ve heard a bit from my media naranja (other half, Rob), so I wanted to stop by and say hello! (insert wave emoji) Like Rob, I enjoy the holidays or really any excuse to celebrate, host and prep our home to provide a magical experience. But, what really pulls on my heart strings is when the season changes. I’m over the sticky and mosquito infested summer and ready for crisp cool foggy days. It’s autumn’s perfect greeting and that’s when I get really excited and giddy to throw some special gatherings. 

At our house fall represents a special time of year - holidays, birthdays, you name it and we are game for all the parties! But, before we dive deep into our shared obsession of Halloween (I’ll save that for another post), this time of year is also the time Robert crawls into the deep darkness of his man cave for…you guessed! This leaves me: Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays to mastermind our next gathering. 

August has ended and retail stores are starting to swap their summer inventory for those lovely orange, yellow, and neutral hues (leopard print is a neutral, right?) for the fall season. Ring in all the holiday swag! At a recent visit to one our favorite stores in Los Olivos CA., the autumn decor was on full display. If you're ever in that area, you gotta check J Woeste. They have amazing lawn and garden pieces that will turn your home into anything you can imagine. Including, Jurassic Park. 

We’re excited for this change and given that I just purchased my first batch of Halloween greeting cards (yep, I send friends and family Halloween cards for my birthday)I’m ready to welcome the new month and this change with perhaps our last BBQ of summer. 

Goodbye summer...We'll see you again in 2020. 

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  • I received the fall box and I was so delighted. I have the leaves hung in my kitchen and scented pumpkin spice is in the living room with the wine cork pumpkin decor on the bar table. The box completed my fall decor. Can’t wait to see the Christmas box.

    Paula Wrenn

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