About Us


Hi there! 

We're Rob and Dalena. We're newlyweds, that have decided to start a  business based on the crazy idea that most people like  celebrating  holidays and special occasions in cool and unique ways.  We sure do! That can mean  finding one of kind decorative pieces to display at home, or enhancing your guests taste buds with  different twists on recipes, or putting together the  perfect  music playlist for the party! Quite simply, entertaining for us means creating fun and interesting experiences for guests that they'll hopefully remember for a long time.  

So how does Swar-Yay! fit into this equation? Each season our subscription box will include some of the most unique items for home entertaining that you can find!  Some of these items will be a limited supply, but we can assure you that every box will be packed with some special pieces to include in your celebrations. Equally important is that we want to show you exactly how we use these same items in our home and how we kick entertaining up a notch!


Welcome to Swar-Yay!

Rob & Dalena