Cancelation/Refund Policy

All Swar-Yay! box purchases are final and nonrefundable. Members can cancel their Swar-Yay! box subscription(s) at any time before their next renewal date to prevent the subscription from renewing. There is no cancellation fee.  

By canceling your subscription with Swar-Yay!, you are simply preventing it from renewing on its next renewal date — this process does not automatically issue a refund and you will still receive any boxes remaining under your subscription term prior to its next renewal date. A Quarterly Member cancellation does not trigger a refund for the remaining boxes left in the term prior to renewal. 

Once your subscription has renewed, we cannot retroactively terminate and refund the renewal charge. We immediately begin fulfilling orders upon subscription and on a monthly basis. Once a box enters the fulfillment process, we are unable to cancel the order and prevent the box from shipping to its destination. If you made a mistake during checkout or have a sudden change of heart, please send an email to within 48 hours and we’ll absolutely do our best to accommodate a refund, if possible, before your Swar-Yay! enters the fulfillment process. After 48 hours your order will be considered final and nonrefundable.