November Artisan: The Wineing Twins


The Wineing Twins is made up of identical twin sisters Christina and Giana. Our Italian grandfather used to make wine as a hobby, so we always had wine corks laying around begging to be utilized. We saved and collected corks for a few years before we finally jumped into the crafting world. It all began one year when we made presents for our family out of the corks, and it quickly grew from there. Our grandfather stopped making wine a few years ago (at the age of 95!), but we still use his corks in our creations. It is very special for us to include a piece of him (in the form of his wine corks) in our work.

We no longer live in the same state (one of us is in Maryland and the other in Virginia), so running a shop has brought us together in ways we never could have imagined! We truly enjoy being able to upcycle wine corks and make them into something special, like our wine cork pumpkins.

We offer our pumpkins in orange, white or custom (we love custom orders!), and they make the perfect fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Each pumpkin takes four days to make. We put a lot of time, love and attention into our products because we want to ensure that they're not only beautiful and unique but also the best quality possible!

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 Wine Cork Pumpkin